City Hall Sessions


What is the purpose of City Hall Sessions?

City Hall Sessions is aimed at repositioning City Hall as a cultural space for all Capetonians and place of diverse sound experiences. Profiling music from the Cape, South Africa and Africa and the Global South, the sessions are being produced by well-known music documentarian and organiser Steve Gordon and his production company Making Music.

City Hall Sessions, are supported by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF), and launched in September 2011 with a concert that saw Ray Lema (DRC) and Chico Cesar (Brazil) headlining along with local musicians.

Using music as a universal medium, the City Hall Sessions invite Cape Town’s entire social spectrum to rub shoulders in an iconic building. By repurposing the monuments of the past, the city’s citizens can together project a future based on collaboration, diversity, knowledge, heritage and accessibility.

The City Hall Sessions contributes to the work of building Cape Town as a transnational city at the forefront of cultural innovation and appreciation. The sessions are another opportunity for the local community to meet the global village and serves as a hub for connections between musicians, professionals, festivals and audience members, both locals and tourists.

Benchmarking the calibre of other City Hall events, the City Hall Sessions are guided by principles of affordability, inclusivity and technical finesse. The City Hall Sessions is fundamentally driven by the sheer pleasure of music – the best quality music, shared by all.

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