26 January 2011

Green Point Urban Park? Point the way!

While it hasn’t had the official ribbon cutting yet, the Green Point Urban Park is open to the public for relaxation, education and amusement and you’re invited to come and play.

Following a period of planning, public consultation and construction in line with FIFA World Cup 2010 developments, the park has become an attraction in the area, along with the iconic Cape Town Stadium.  The security patrolled space includes play areas, a biodiversity garden celebrating the region’s unique natural heritage and picnics in places.  Well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome in certain areas and water features and benches make for pleasant pit stops for passersby.

Here are a few snapshots recently posted on Facebook by the World Design Capital bid team.

The water features in the park use natural spring water diverted from the Oranjezicht Springs.

Cycling is permitted in the Green Point Urban Park (except for in the Biodiversty Showcase Garden.)

Educational interventions can be seen throughout the urban park.

We’re concerned about having sense of humour  as much as we are about safety .

For a look at the building process, Andrew Boraine’s blog has some  super shots of the Biodiversity showcase under construction.

The City also has some handy shots of the plans that transformed the area into a green space for all.

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