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29 March 2012

What does it take to lead Creative Cape Town?

Since 2008, Creative Cape Town has been working towards positioning Cape Town’s Central City as a leading centre for knowledge, innovation, creativity and culture in Africa and the Global South – with programme coordinator Zayd Minty at the helm. Now Zayd will be redirecting his attention to focus exclusively on The Fringe: Cape Town’s Design [...]

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28 March 2012

Festival celebrates Cape Town electronica

Two firsts distinguish the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, running this weekend from Friday 30 March to Sunday 1 April. Not only is it the first festival to celebrate the burgeoning local electronic scene that is gaining international traction, but it is also the first outdoor South African music festival to be staged in an [...]

Gabeba Baderoon in Cape Town, photo by Caroline Jordan

11 March 2012

Gabeba Baderoon on Cape Town’s beauty, identity and spirituality

Gabeba Baderoon is a poet, an academic, a feminist, who traffics between here and Pennsylvania, where she teaches women’s studies at Penn State University. She speaks about space, spirituality, identity, beauty – and Cape Town. CV: Gabeba, you travel between America and South Africa a lot. What’s your relationship to this city? I think of [...]

Abdul Rasheed Olaniyi. Photo supplied

11 March 2012

Trash to treasure: Recycling our attitudes around waste

As part of Infecting the City 2012 public arts festival Nigerian artist Akirash (Olaniyi Rasheed Akindiya) will be performing his newest work, Abawon: Stains – asking us to take a closer look at our attitudes to waste, gender equality, and people with disabilities. Why? “To put life, beauty and meaning back into materials which people think are [...]

9 March 2012

Filling City Hall with sound

Creative Cape Town has long advocated that City Hall be reclaimed as a cultural space for all Capetonians. While that journey is a long one, they have secured funds from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to run a two-year programme of music, the City Hall Music Sessions, profiling musicians from the Cape, Africa and [...]