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9 March 2012

Filling City Hall with sound

Creative Cape Town has long advocated that City Hall be reclaimed as a cultural space for all Capetonians. While that journey is a long one, they have secured funds from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund to run a two-year programme of music, the City Hall Music Sessions, profiling musicians from the Cape, Africa and [...]

1 March 2012

The Fringe Effect: What collaboration can do for the creative industries

What does “being in the right place at the right time” have to do with the effect that The Fringe, Cape Town’s design and innovation district, has on creative industries? Hint one: The power of collaboration The east city of Cape Town, between Darling and Roeland streets, is making it easier for local creative industries [...]

Art by freddy Sam, photo by Jonx Pillemer

11 February 2012

Public artists on public art

In anticipation of Infecting the City 2012, City Views spoke to three public arts’ practitioners about harnessing the power of art in public places. Freddy Sam Ricky Lee Gordon is a street mural artist (aka Freddy Sam, whose work is pictured above) who believes in the power of public art to breathe new life into [...]

3 February 2012

Design with the 99%

While 99% – representative of the global population who have not versus the 1% who have in abundance – is mostly metaphorical, a journey through the changes and challenges we face in South Africa by way of statistics is an enlightening one. 25% of our national population (and 48.2% of our youth) are unemployed 17.8% [...]

Andrew Brauteseth

25 January 2012

Exploring the unexpected city with photographer Andrew Brauteseth

Andrew Brauteseth is an observer of people, places, and spaces. Besides working for a roster of big-name commercial clients, Andrew – aka Guy With Camera – blogs extensively about the visuals that catch his eye on any given day. Portrait of a Nation celebrates the myriad of faces that comprise South Africa, while Life, Love, Lenses is his “Diary of Visual Interestingness”. [...]